Senin, 09 November 2015

Little Thing Called Sambrakness

Dear yourself,

I'm getting tired. Do you know sambrak? Sambrak in my own slang word means the worst thing called mess and awfull. Getting fed up and little bit crushing your brain makes full day condition in labil mind in blank feeling. How I describe myself soo yelling madness. You didnt have to feel the same way to understand my current life.

Can you imagine? When your mind making plan about your step of life, and your soul is just getting crazier to broke every single thing that mind have done. Condition just another dependence causal to give effort to these.

When I wanna communicate just personal in one of these whose mine, another play and cant be patient to wait their turn. So they playing around and cant focus when I wanna talk serious with both. My intrapersonal communication is being interpersonal communication with my self. They're in active periode. Yeah, like a teenagers. What a ironic in adult age, self!

Dont ask me about heart, Heart is hibernating from now. It's hard to get appointment with my heart. As I told you before, to meeting this you have to stabilize my system first. I'm selfless to coordinate them without heart. Moreover with heart, its called mayday call 911 .

Help me full-time partner or just leave me alone from this time.


Roo wanna be solve even just one thing in my life.

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