Sabtu, 05 April 2014

can never please the society

I'm not a superstar that need a hoax or spam news to boost my popularity. 

For everyone who always kepo and keep a fake thing with me,

I need my life.
Every each body need their passion, dream and love to live.
I'm not a Mrs. Perfect perfectly. I'm always break everything when i want all of thing to be perfect.
I can never be the professional dinamist-enthusiast for everything.
I'm a human. Even i;m a robocop or a superman, i still break time to think. To resting the soul
I'm not a Frank D Fixer can fix anything that he could.
I'm just a careless girl be better.

You know, when we get old, we have an experience make us better. Time make us change indeed.
I'm a free-woman in the idealism girl mind. I knew it.

I don't need a sympathy, just a phrase or word to cheer me up.
Politeness is not important to me. I need a real help urgently.
Don't be mad if i'm to strict to the point. I'm sick of the cheer-word like a lullaby.
I don't need a temporary hand too. I need a fix and faith to make me strong.

I'm not too naive to know well who the best is. Even i just a learner of experience life.
I'm not a kid. I'm not an old man. SO STOP ANYTHING, LIKE I CAN NEVER BE LIVE BY MYSELF!

I need home, not the house like a hell need a maid to fix everything messed. I'm not a simple thought like that.
if you need me, think first if the problems can't fix without me or not.
I need rest. I need a warm and real thing to bear anything in my life.

Yeah. If you want hate me, just say it to me.
If you;re curious about me, check it free with me, not the people around me. The don't know anything, better than me.
Can you read? Please understand and think of me just for once.

Kind Regads,
Manusia biasa yang butuh udaranya

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